Who is BonGoof

Welcome to the world of BonGoof, where we believe that every Italian Greyhound deserves to be dressed in a refined wardrobe that reflects their smart, active, and timeless character. Founded in New York in November 2019, BonGoof has quickly become a leading brand in dog apparel, with a focus on creating one-of-a-kind items for paw-rents and their furry companions.

At BonGoof, we don't just create products, we create a family. We invite our customers to join us on a journey of dynamic doggie lifestyle, where they can share their experiences and be part of the BonGoof community. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to study and innovate new collections each season, ensuring that we always deliver exciting, fresh, and innovative products to our loyal customers.

But we aspire to be more than just a dog apparel brand. Our goal is to become a lifestyle brand that inspires and empowers all stylish Italian Greyhounds to live their best lives. Join us in the world of BonGoof, where fashion meets function, and where we believe that every Italian Greyhound can live a life of luxury and comfort.



About Us 

In 2014, our founder fell in love with the Italian Greyhound breed and dreamed of having one as a companion. After years of careful consideration and research, she finally welcomed a charming Iggy boy into her home, whom she affectionately named BonGoo. His delightful, friendly, and goofy character inspired our brand's name. The journey with our beloved Italian Greyhound has been extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.

However, as BonGoo grew, our designer faced challenges finding perfect, essential, and functional items that catered to his needs. With over 13 years of experience in the New York fashion industry, she saw an opportunity to create high-quality, functional outerwear tailored specifically for Italian Greyhounds. Her background in outerwear design ensures that BonGoof's products stand out with their excellent functionality, materials, and careful attention to fit, while maintaining their unique style.

We are dedicated to providing all Italian Greyhounds with comfort and luxury through our "Made to Order" type perfection, specifically created by BonGoof. We are confident that your furry friend will fall in love with our brand, and that you will be delighted with our specialty pieces. Join the BonGoof family and witness the difference our products can make for your beloved pet.

Created with love,