Who is BonGoof


BonGoof was established in New York and launched their first dog apparel brand in November 2019. Our focus is on creating a refined wardrobe for smart, active Italian Greyhounds who aspire to have a timeless and unique design aesthetic. We want to present the most essential, one of a kind items for paw-rents and their companions for life.


We want our customers to not only be consumers of our wonderful products, but become part of the BonGoof family, sharing their dynamic doggie life style with us. We will continuously study and improve our brand to deliver innovative, exciting new collections each season.


BonGoof hopes to become more than a dog apparel brand, but a lifestyle brand for all stylish Italian Greyhounds.



About Us 

Our founder first fell in love with the Italian Greyhound breed back in 2014 and dreamed about living together with one. After careful consideration and researching about life sharing with a paw buddy for years, she finally decided to have a companion Iggy boy. She named the Iggy boy as BonGoo and it reflects his amazingly friendly and goofy character at the same time. It has been a wonderful, special journey so far living and getting to know Iggy. 


However, as BonGoo grew in size, our designer found it harder to find perfect, essential, and functional items for him. With her 13 years of fashion industry experience in New York, she wanted to make specialty garments for Italian Greyhounds and felt confident about designing them. Her outerwear design background elevates and sets apart BonGoof’s products with its exceptionally functional materials and special attention to body and fit, while maintaining the stylish, unique look.


We love to make all Iggys feel comfortable in our high quality, “Made to Order” type perfection, specially made by BonGoof.
We believe that your best friend will fall in love with BonGoof.
We believe that you will be happy with our specialty pieces.
We believe that you will enjoy being part of the BonGoof family.



Created with love,

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